When hearing the term "advocacy" normally we would immediately think of the legal experts of the Criminal Code or a pile of thick books. Consequently we did not dare to act because it looks difficult, complicated, and inaccessible. In fact, public policy advocacy can be done by all people in ways that simple. The following are examples of various forms of advocacy actions that can be performed by anyone who cares enough to make a change.


Visit the Office of Mass Media

Undeniably, the mass media have a political or social influence huge in the community. Therefore, we can advocate to approach the media to meet and convey the message of our advocacy. Some time ago, the Institute Leimena organizing visits to the media along with the leaders of the terrace PGI (Indonesian Communion of Churches), PGLII (Fellowship of Churches and Evangelical institutions Indonesia), and PGPI (Fellowship of Pentecostal Churches of Indonesia). During this visit the message conveyed concerns of the churches in Indonesia on the weak role of the state in addressing issues of religious freedom in this country.

One of the Media Indonesia daily staff took the initiative to write the blog and the results of the visit of IL-led church leaders to his office, entitled "Open Letter Pluralism Question Create Pak SBY" in http://gantyo.blog.mediaindonesia.com/2010/08/18/ open-letter-about-pluralism-for-pack-sby /


Contribute thinking can Helping Members Legislative

One form of advocacy that is regularly carried out by the Institute of Policy Memo.Policy Leimena is made memo contains critical thinking on issues of particular public policies written by about 700 words and printed on a piece of paper back and forth. Policy memo is addressed to members of the legislature (DPR / DPD) to equip them to carry out everyday tasks. This thought is written brief and concise, given the lack of time owned by the members of the legislature to be able to read an issue raised. The same thing can be done also by the church in the area, by writing critical thought given to groups of the intended target.


Demonstration of Non-Violence

Sometimes, the demonstration was necessary to convey the message to the advocacy and public authorities. Demonstrations are planned well and involves various elements of the community (but without using violence), effective enough to attract public attention. Mid-August 2010, for example, thousands of people of different religions who are members of the "Freedom of Religion Solidarity Forum" doing worship together in front of the Presidential Palace and at Monas. Wearing black clothes, they sing and pray, interspersed with sermons and orasi.Pdt. Separ Supit expressed in his prayer at this event, so that the state protects its citizens freedom of religion and worship without discrimination. The event was covered by various national and international media, so the issue of religious freedom in Indonesia is also known by the public.


Speaking from the Heart to Heart

W.B. Yeats, an Irish poet, stated that the essence of communication is "speaking from the heart". Often, the conflict in the community due to the lack of communication from heart to heart as a neighbor or as a fellow human being. Therefore, the act of advocacy that needs to be done is sometimes simple, namely: associating closely with neighbors. Itamari Lase, SH, MH, Secretary General of the "Institute for Assessment and Advocacy Salemba 10" (lase@lawyer.com) reported that the family worship in the neighborhood (in the area of Pondok Kelapa - Jakarta Timur) is not impaired despite running until midnight.

"Because we are active in the RT. If there is a game of badminton, my brothers and will participate. In fact, we who sometimes encourage badminton game gang or RT. The neighbors know we are Christians, but because of good communication, we did not encounter any problems when held a prayer meeting and worship singing at home, "said Itamari.


Readers Write Letters

Proposal of: Aristides Katoppo (senior journalist, Commissioner of Sinar Harapan)

"According to the survey, opinion or editorial pages, including the least-read than writing news. But Mail readers are among the most widely read because the reader feels represented. Therefore, the newspapers usually have a special editor for Reader Mail column. In fact, the handling is sometimes a reader letter senior editor. Therefore, write letters to the editor! "Said Aristides.

Tips on Writing Letters Readers of Aristides Katoppo:

Write a brief but meaningful broad. That requires discipline waste words unnecessary. Use the KISS principle (Keep It Simple and Short).
If possible, come directly to the office of the newspaper to submit your letter while acquainted with people in it.
Consistent writes regularly for a variety of media. An alliance of journalists pay tribute to someone who is consistent and very diligent reader writes letter to various media.
Alternative Content Formats Readers Letters:

Open with startling facts or data so that the reader knows there are serious problems that need attention.
Ask specific proposed changes.
Describe why this proposal can generate and include examples if possible.
The following are some of the proposed actions of Ester Jusuf advocacy, advocate and chairman of the "Nation Solidarity" (www.snb-ihs.org) which drafted the bill Anti-Discrimination Racial & Ethnic socialization and fighting for nearly 10 years before it was finally unveiled as the Act dated 28 October 2008:


- Send a letter to the Authorized Person

A woman abused by racist sentence when he refused to give money to beggars in public buses. To prevent this from recurring back, the victim went to the police station to report the Central Jakarta. At first the police did not want to accept the reports of the incident because they think it is not a criminal offense. They even know there was Law Against Racial and Ethnic Discrimination.

We then wrote a letter to the Commission with a copy to the police to report the incident at the police station in Central Jakarta. Commission and City Police responded turns. Commission then sent a warning letter to the Central Jakarta Police. Jakarta Police even sent officers to suppress the Central Jakarta district police officers suspected of committing a violation because the victim had refused to report. Since then, the Central Jakarta Police became very motivated to work hard on the case. They even sent officers-officers to investigate and secure the city bus.

This case is a "small" but actually this is a phenomenon that often occurs in the community and left. We need to be lifted so that the State and we are all seriously eradicate violence and racism in society.


- Create groups Advocacy

It's called a civil partnership, whereby if there are three people who agree, they could form their own organizations or groups in a variety of fields (not necessarily in law). For example: Budi, Wati, and Amir form "Betel Lovers Group" where Budi became Chairman, Wati was Secretary, Treasurer and Amir. So by itself it becomes a legitimate institution. The three of them could even make 100 other groups to exchange positions. For example: create a "Butterfly Observer" which is now Wati who became chairman, Amir Secretary, Treasurer Budi, and so on.

The people at the institution can claim to be 'special investigator betel problem "after diligent reading the newspaper and collect materials regarding betel from Google. It can be said that has examined data from 1983 s / d 2010 not lie, even though his own research has been running for a week, because the data examined are from 1983 s / d 2010. It takes integrity to not lie about it, but it needs to be clever in the way to say it.

If a church formed five such institutions, the 10 churches already established 50 institutions. The set of institutions and coordinated to take turns visiting the local parliament in a period of a few months. The church is involved in these institutions only need a day off work just to be able to turn to approach the Parliament. If this is done consistently, the issues raised would have received special attention.


- Serving as Chairman of RT / RW

One of the actions of public policy advocacy to do church is to serve as Chairman of RT / RW in each environment. To that end, the leaders of the church so that the church would have to push through it as a 'service' that is important, because it is directly engaged in the grassroots level.


- Spreading Message In Creative

Create a short message that wants to be advocated with enticing words. Paste it with tape at various strategic places so that people can directly see it. Deliberately with tape just because the cost is cheap. Paste in the front door, at the Aqua dispenser, in the post box, or according to our creativity.

If there is a church that loves to make cakes, she can wrap the homemade cakes with inserted messages would we advocate before distribution to the target group.

Use social networking sites such as Facebook or Twitter popular creatively. Write messages meaningful advocacy so that the public can know.

Rather than make costly concert, record your songs with messages advocating the CD that made attractive, then share it with those who need it. The price of a CD is only about Rp 2,500, - only.